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Can my apartment get WhyFly?

Questions about installation?

Any questions about service?

Can I get WhyFly if my building is not pre-installed?

Yes, We Can Bring WhyFly To Your Building with permission from property management. Once The Property Is On Our Network, Residents Can Typically Schedule An Installation For The Next Day.

How do I know if I qualify for service?

We will conduct site surveys free of charge to verify our network reaches your location.


We utilize state of the art, FCC approved radio antennas that are strategically placed throughout the coverage area that are interconnected like a wireless web over the city creating multiple redundancies.  Unlike cable, fiber, and DSL, the cost of deploying our infrastructure is significantly less.  This savings is passed along to you our customers.


PreWired Properties Are Buildings Where The WhyFly network Is already installed.

What are my rights?

In 1996 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed the Over-the-Air-Reception Devices Rule. This rule states that whether you own or rent, you have the legal right to receive wireless internet service. It applies to tenants living apartments, condos, townhomes, and those that are part of HOAs – and reserves the right for these tenants to install a dish (up to 1 meter diameter).

For more details – including information on limitations, maintenance, and unreasonable installation delays – review the links below: 

FCC: Installing Antennas & Satellite Dishes

FCC: Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule

Is there an installation cost?

Install charges vary but normal installation is $100.  

Who is the installer?

 Your installation will be done by one of WhyFly’s in-house install teams.  CUSTOMER SERVICE is our #1 priority 

How is the install long?

The installation will take  30 to 90 minutes, depending on the height of your home and the distance that the cable must run from the antennas to the entry point of your home. 

How does WhyFly work?

We will need access to your roof and the inside of your home during part of the installation. If you’re not the home or building owner, we rely on you to let the building owner know that we are installing a small antenna on your roof. 

What equipment needs to be installed at my home?

First, we'll mount an 5”x5” antenna to your roof. One cable will run from the antenna mast into the entry point of the home, we'll work with you to determine the best entry point and equipment location. 

When installing equipment on a flat roof, we mount the necessary antennas on a mast and place the mast on your roof. We will not drill into your home or building to attach the mast to your roof. 

We'll then run a single ethernet cable into the unit/home, this can often run along existing lines routing from your rooftop into the unit. If there are no preexisting routes to attach our line too, we'll work with you to identify the best route into your home – to be sure the end result looks as nice and hidden as possible.  

If necessary, we'll drill a small hole where the ethernet enters the home and mount a wall plate inside your home – creating an ethernet outlet on your wall. This will be installed and sealed by a professional. 

From that wall port, we'll run an ethernet cable to the router. You can decide that you want the equipment box right next to the entry point or tucked away.

The only requirement is that the equipment box is located somewhere near access to a power outlet.  

Do I need a modem?

No way, our access points act as a modem.  So all you will need is a WhyFly approved router.

What speeds will I get?

As consumers of residential internet service we are conditioned to purchase internet based on speed.  Speed is a great way to quantify service and make more money as a company.

We provide one plan for residential internet service with plenty of high-speed asynchronous bandwidth (upload speed is just as fast as the download) and below 12ms latency on average.  The unique nature in which we deploy our network infrastructure technology enables us to scale our bandwidth to meet the growing demand or our subscribers. 

We deliver speeds much faster & consistent than cable, DSL, & fiber.  You can expect that we will deliver you at our base product typically between 80-120Mbps upload & download with latency below 12ms on average. 

This is plenty of speed for multiple devices streaming videos, online gaming, video conferencing, all with little to no lag.

Will speeds fluctuate when there is an increase of users on the network?

Like other residential ISPs (Internet Service Providers), including cable and DSL, our network does share bandwidth across our entire customer base. That said, our technology and mesh network will allow us to give your home multiple paths to the internet, meaning we're not relying on one connection or bottleneck to service your house.

What wifi routers are compatible?

Any ethernet only dual-band router preferably with the AC standard.  If you are happy with the service levels you receive with that router there is no additional cost.  Note WhyFly will do its best to help troubleshoot your router.

When is technical help available?

  1. Submit a Ticket! Log into your account and submit a ticket.  
  2. Text with Service Address, Name on the Account, Email Address, & “How we can help”.
    1. Wilmington, DE 302.722.7774
    2. Manchester, NH 603.836.9400
  3. Email
    1. With Service Address, Name on the Account, Email Address, & “How we can help”. 


During Office hours, please expect ~30 minutes response times.

During Off hours, please expect ~1hr response times.

We are always up.  

Customer Champions are available by phone: 

Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm 

Saturday 10 am - 7 pm

How soon can I get it installed?

Within our existing service area we can usually get you up and running  within 1-3 days.

Will weather affect my service?

No, weather conditions will not affect the service.  Power Outages will.