Hi Awesome Tenant!

Tenants interested in Awesome Internet that are not in a pre-wired WhyFly building will need to coordinate with the property management/owner for roof access. 

FCC ruling that basically property owners can not restrict any internet service is available to a tenant in their area.  

Property owners do hold the right to dictate how a service providers installs service within their property.  As apart of the community and in the spirit of neighbors treating neighbors right, the Field Technicians are very cognizant of how we install service.  

Please download and have the property owner/manager sign this document:

property RIGHTS

Hi Awesome Property Owners & Managers!

Property Owners and Management companies, as you may know, connectivity is a priority for tenants when choosing where to live.  WhyFly works with property owners of all sizes to deliver fast affordable connectivity with human customer service.  We offer a volume-based pricing model for multi-dwelling buildings as well as security cameras, hospitality wifi services, and Voice-over-IP phone service.

For More Information:

FCC Rulings

What does the Government have to say?

In 1996 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed the Over-the-Air-Reception Devices Rule. This rule states that whether you own or rent, you have the legal right to receive wireless internet service.

It applies to tenants living apartments, condos, townhomes, and those that are part of HOAs – and reserves the right for these tenants to install a dish (up to 1-meter diameter).

For more info – including information on limitations, maintenance, and unreasonable installation delays – Check out these links below: