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WhyFly is the only Farm to Device internet service provider in Wilmington, DE.  WhyFly provides high-speeds internet serivce to homes with no contracts, no hidden fees (Gluten), no bundles, & WhyFly does not raise prices (Shenanigans).  WhyFly is Net Neutral.

Check the WhyFly Coverage Map to see if we cover your home.

WhyFly delivers the internet via line-of-sight.  If our radios can see your house we can deliver you Awesome Internet Service.

We look forward to hearing from you.

(302) 722 7774

218 West 9th St,
Wilmington, DE, 19801
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No deposit required!  YAY! There is a one time $100 installation fee (due on the day of installation) which includes installing a small radio on the roof, running a wire into the home, provisioning your router and taking a wireless survey of the home.

Purchasing a router from WhyFly?  Customers have 90 days to pay for the router.

Pay for the router on the day of installation and receive a free month.



is great for the everyone.  If you love shopping online, binge-watching movies and tv shows, online gaming, working from home, video chat, love social media, scooter enthusiasts, knitters, Pirates of the sea, and astronauts when they are on earth in our coverage area.  Just about anyone who uses the internet.

WhyFly Service Requirments

We need line-of-sight to your home from a WhyFly distribution point.
No Rental Fee
Our customers save money by owning their router. WhyFly can bring you one!
Ethernet Only
WhyFly runs across ethernet only dual-band routers with "AC" in the model number.

What should I expect from an installation?

Installations is a one time charge of $100.  The installation fee is due on the day of installation.

Who is the Installer?

Who is the installer? WhyFly’s 1st priority is the customer experience.  Your installation will be done by one of WhyFly’s fully vetted Wilmington local professional installers.

How long does the install take?

Our Installer will arrive within 25 minutes of the installation time.  Installers are typically on time.  Traffic or a previous install may affect timing.  We will be sure to reach out to keep you abreast of their arrival.

The installation will take ~ 60 – 120 minutes and up to 4 hours depending on the height of your home and the distance that the cable must run from the antennas to the entry point of your home.

What will I need to Access the network?

We will need access to the inside of your home during part of the installation.  If you’re not the home or building owner, we rely on you to secure permission for our installation from your landlord.

Check here to find more info on Tenant & Landlord rights.

Do I need a router?

We require our customers to own their own router.  Owning the router will save you money in the long run over renting the equipment from us forever.   WhyFly offers 2 routers for purchase which can be found here.

We have the Amplifi HDs on hand.If you've got a setup that you like or prefer – you are welcome to use it. Compatible routers will be any ethernet only Dual Band router with the “AC" designation in the model number.  

Learn more about the Amplifi HD here

What will be installed?

We will install one of our small antennas on your roof, then run an ethernet cable into your home through an existing hole.

WhyFly will set up your WhyFly approved router and run a wireless survey throughout the home.

If you have a router setup you prefer we are happy to connect to it.  WhyFly requires the router to be dual-band ethernet only with “AC" in the model number.

What is going on my roof?

We mount a small antenna on your roof The dimensions are 

  • 189 x 189 x 125 mm (7.44 x 7.44 x 4.92")
  • Weight is 0.530 kg (1.17 lb)
  • Max Power Consumption 8.5W



Do I need to use a WhyFly router?

You are welcome to use your own router.  We recommend using a WhyFly's access point as we can fully manage & maintain speeds to that access point.

Many older devices (routers, computers, etc) actually can't handle the speeds we deliver and act like a bottleneck.  This is why we recommend (ours or yours) using WhyFly approved hardware.

Do You Offer Support?

We offer local human support.  We can be reached via

302.722.7774; etc 3, or via our live chat on the website.

We are happy to help!

Am I Locked Into Any Contracts?

No Way! Contracts are lame & Shenanigans.  We plan on keeping our customers by delivering a high-quality service with an AWESOME customer services experience.  We also reward our customers for staying with us for extended periods of time.

Treat people right and exceed expectations.

How do I pay my bill?

Once you are installation is complete we will send you an Invitation to the customer portal.  You will be requested to create a password.  Moving forward, your username will be your email.  After logging in you will see the installation invoice and router if applicable along with any credits.

We bill our customers on the first of every month. following the install and due on the 15th of every month.