WhyFly Net Neutrality

WhyFly is & Always will be Net Neutral!

Many of you have asked our stance on Net Neutrality in light of all the news lately, so here it is:

Repealing Net Neutrality will open opportunities for shenanigans and WhyFly is a shenanigan-free company.  We will remain net neutral.  Big business owns your internet and we’re giving it back.

Co-Founders Mike Palita & Mark Thompson started WhyFly with the core belief that the internet and access to free information is an essential part of a quality life.  facilitates learning, sharing information, connecting communities, as well as creating new economic markets.

The companies that facilitate the internet shouldn’t have a bias to what travels on said highway.

Regardless of the FCC ruling and what the other big companies are doing WhyFly will stay true to these values.

  • WhyFly won’t block access to internet content
  • WhyFly won’t throttle back the speed at which content comes to you
  • WhyFly doesn’t prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes
  • WhyFly’s Awesome Internet Grow Program will make the Internet more accessible to low-income families.
  • WhyFly will inspire innovation, promote learning, create access to jobs and connect communities.
  • WhyFly believes in full transparency·

(btw, if you need a refresher on what net neutrality is and how it impacts you, check this out:)

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Here is the Statment from the FCC https://www.fcc.gov/restoring-internet-freedom