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December 31, 2020 0 Broadband

Awesome Auto-Pay – Terms and Conditions

  1. By authorizing WhyFly to install Awesome Internet, Customer agrees to enroll in Awesome Auto-Pay for their recurring monthly subscription, billed at the start of the 30-day service period by either credit card or automated clearing house (ACH).
  2. Customer will be charged the monthly subscription rate, less any payments or credits made outside of the Awesome Automatic Payment service. If payment fails, it will be added to the account balance and the open balance will be automatically billed on the next regularly scheduled payment date.
  3. If the outstanding balance exceeds $110, the Customer is eligible for an Awesome Payment Plan but must contact WhyFly directly to enroll and avoid auto-billing of the full outstanding amount. Customer must submit the request 72 hours in advance by:
    1. Calling WhyFly at 1.844.4.WhyFly OR
    2. Emailing WhyFly at billing@whyfly.com with the subject line: AWESOME PAYMENT PLAN. In the body of the email please include the name and address of the account, the amount to be deducted each month (in addition to the monthly subscription rate), and the date of the payment (if different from the subscription date).
  4. The customer’s monthly statement will be sent via email and accessible through Customer’s my.WhyFly.com online account.
  5. The customer is responsible for notifying WhyFly immediately of any changes to the email account or phone number on file for the primary account holder and WhyFly is not responsible for any fees or damages that may occur from failure to do so in a timely manner.
  6. The customer has the right to terminate their service and Awesome Auto-Pay at any time by the following methods:
    1. Calling WhyFly at 1.844.4.WhyFly
    2. Emailing WhyFly at billing@whyfly.com with the subject line: CANCEL REQUEST. In the body of the email please include the name and address of the account and the last date you would like service active.
  7. Customer agrees to their financial institution or credit card issuer’s rules and requirements for pre-authorized ACH transfers and/or debit or credit card transactions. The Customer is responsible for fees charged by their financial institution due to the pre-authorized Awesome Auto-Pay. WhyFly bears no responsibility for charges of any kind that may result from pre-authorized Awesome Auto-Pay.
  8. Customer is responsible for updating their payment information on file if it changes at any time and can do so by:
    1. Logging into their my.WhyFly.com account OR 
    2. Calling WhyFly at 1.844.4.WhyFly. Calls must be placed 72 hours prior to the scheduled Awesome Auto-Pay date to ensure accurate processing and avoid charges to the previous payment method.
  9. If Customer fails to update information related to their payment method and WhyFly’s Awesome Auto-Pay charge is denied, Customer is responsible for returned item charges or any fees assessed by their financial institution. WhyFly bears no responsibility for charges of any kind that may result from failure to update billing information.
  10. WhyFly and participating financial institutions reserve the right to terminate Customer’s participation in this payment option at any time, as authorized by applicable law. If participation is terminated, Customer will be required to pre-pay for services via cash, check or one-time credit card charge by:
    1. Visiting the WhyFly offices at 218 W. 9th Street – Wilmington, DE 19801 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm) OR
    2. Calling WhyFly at 1.844.4.WhyFly (credit card only)
  11. Changes and Updates: From time to time, WhyFly may revise these Terms and Conditions. WhyFly will provide notice of such revisions via email and by posting revisions to the website Announcements page. Material revisions to the Terms and Conditions shall be effective no sooner than 30 days after posting on the WhyFly website at www.WhyFly.com/terms. If Customer does not agree to WhyFly’s revision(s), they must terminate their service immediately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use Awesome AutoPay after revisions are in effect, you accept and agree to all revisions.