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March 28, 2019 0 Broadband

People are Turning their Toilets into “Thrones”, Literally.

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“The latrine. The loo. The crapper. The john. There are plenty of nicknames for the bathroom, but now, we can all call it the freakin’ Iron Throne. While some Game of Thrones characters who’ve sat on the Iron Throne might’ve as well been sitting on the toilet for the sh*tstorm they created, retailers are selling an Iron Throne toilet decal that can make anyone the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, for under $30.

As the final season of Game of Thrones rapidly approaches, we’re finding more and more ways to integrate the Westeros obsession into our daily lives. Our direwolves dogs have their own Iron Throne beds, our workout apparel has us ready to outrun White Walkers, and now, our bathrooms are turning into the Great Hall of the Red Keep with these Iron Throne toilet stickers.

Hopefully things pan out differently for us than they did for Tywin Lannister the last time we saw him on the toilet in the season four finale, but regardless, we are so ready to sit on our very own porcelain thrones. Shop the toilet decals ahead.”

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