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January 31, 2019 0 Broadband

What does Gluten-Free Internet Mean?

WhyFly’s slogan “Gluten Free Internet” (#nogluten) is said to emphasize the lack of transparency most consumers are currently feeling with other Internet Service Providers.

At WhyFly, we want our current and potential customers to know that they will not get bogged down with fees, taxes, contracts, and cost increase: “Gluten”.

All of those additional costs you get nailed with at the end of sitting on that really long phone call. Just when you were taken off of hold and you FINALLY get a human on the line, you tell them what you need, you discuss prices…and from what they told you, you don’t love it..but you have no other option, so you’re ready to make a payment…and then they tell you their total. $30-70 more than what you agreed to. They forgot to tell you that taxes cost this much, rentals are an additional fee, and there’s a contract that if you break it, you will pay a premium price to cancel.

Those long phone calls to fight for your bill to appear a certain way when you receive it in the mail, the unexpected increase in your bill for “signing up” for something you never authorized…THAT… is what we call “Shenanigans”! (See photo above)

WhyFly is also a “No Shenanigans” Internet Service Provider. We believe that good relationships don’t begin with a contract. Binding our customers to contracts only would show that we don’t believe in our service– and we DO! We want to cultivate a trusting relationship and treat our customers as if they are our neighbors, becuase they are!

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