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January 11, 2019 0 Broadband

Genius Dad Created an App That Freezes Kids’ Phones Until They Call Their Parents Back

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The frustrated father created the app, ReplyASAP. According to the features list on the app’s Android store site, once installed the app will require the owner of the phone to reply. The recipient’s phone will still make noise even if it’s on silent and arriving messages make a constant noise until the person being sent a message presses a button. Arriving texts take over the screen so they can’t be ignored if the owner wants to use the phone. 

While this sounds like a great way to get dismissive teens to respond to parents, Herbert notes that the app is also useful for keeping contact with elderly family members and letting people know you need help. 

Since the app launched in 2017, it has been installed 75,000 times. The app is free, but there are purchasable upgrades. An iOS version is currently being worked on. 

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