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December 28, 2018 0 Broadband

YouTube TV is the Best Live TV Service of 2018

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What is the best live TV streaming service is a common argument among cord cutters; however, no one service is perfect for everyone, but there are services that are more popular than others.

This year for our 2018 Cordie Awards we let our readers pick the best cord cutting streaming services and devices. Earlier in December we asked what the “Best Live TV Streaming Service” of 2018 was and our readers let us know.

According to our readers, YouTube TV was the best live TV streaming service with 23.2% of the vote beating out DIRECTV NOW at 17.5% and Sling TV at 15%.

Here is the full breakdown of how our readers voted:

Although YouTube TV holds a lead in this survey, it is far from dominant. What is most interesting is how close most of the live TV streaming services are. Clearly, the battle for the best live TV streaming service is still within reach of every live TV streaming service on the market.

The question now is what will happen in 2019. AT&T has already stated that they expect DIRECTV NOW to lose customers in early 2019. Will newcomers like T-Mobile TV and Vidgo disrupt these numbers? Or will a current player disrupt the market with some new feature that puts them on top? We will have to wait and see what happens.

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