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November 2, 2018 0 Broadband

Traditional Providers Losing Customers by the Minute

Traditional Providers Losing Customers by the Minute

WhyFly is here to provide another option for consumers when choosing their internet service. As the mood changes with the consumer base for internet support, we have customized our approach to appeal to the current customer needs. This means no contracts, no hidden fees, and humans servicing humans, on a daily basis. We also provide our consumer base with current information that is at the forefront of the ISP market.

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“It’s earnings season, and we are slowly getting a look at the number of TV subscribers each traditional pay-TV service is losing every month. So far a grouping of the traditional providers have reported losses totaling 669,000.

According to the earning reports, blank provider  lost 151,000 subscribers, blank provider_ lost 106,000 subscribers, blank provider lost_66,000 subscribers, and blank provider lost 346,000 subscribers totaling 669,000 subscribers in the third quarter of 2018. This works out to 233,000 Americans canceling traditional pay-TV every month or about 7,700 people canceling cable TV every day. At this rate, just these four pay-TV providers will lose almost 2.8 million subscribers over the next year.

We are still waiting for several pay-TV providers to report numbers. DISH is one of the last major TV companies to report, but they are also expected to see their subscriber numbers drop in the third quarter of 2018. Keep an eye out for the number of people dropping pay-TV to go up in the weeks to come as smaller cable TV companies report their numbers also.”

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