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August 13, 2018 0 Broadband

Roku offers More Options

Roku offers More Options

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Roku Features

Roku is one of the most used services for cord cutters. With a range of devices and compatibility with nearly every streaming service, Roku makes it easy to watch all of your favorite channels after cutting the cable cord.

Start by adding channels that offer the content you want to watch. With Roku, you can add free channels, subscription channels, authenticated cable channels, and rent-or-buy channels. Then, use the search feature on the Roku home screen to search all of your channels for the programming you’re looking for. If searching is taking too long, try downloading the Roku Remote app on your iOS or Android device to use your phone keyboard.

Be sure to customize the My Feed section on the home screen. The feature allows you to add your favorite shows and get a notification when a new episode is added to any of your streaming services. You can also follow actors and keep an eye on upcoming movies you’ve been waiting for.

Roku TV: Starting at $139.99

A smart TV full of features, including a simple and customizable home screen menu, voice search, and mobile app integration. You can find Roku TVs in a variety of sizes from different brands.

Roku Express: $29.99

The Roku Express is the most simple and easy to use device still comes with all the features you’ll need to set up your cord cutting experience. Connect with an included HDMI cable to get started.

Roku Express+: $35

Exclusively available at Walmart, the Roku Express+ allows you to use your older TV to stream content by connecting with composite cables.

Roku Streaming Stick: $49.99

The Roku Stick is perfect to stream content at home or while traveling. Take the streaming stick and remote with you to access your apps on any TV.

Roku Streaming Stick+: $69.99

The Roku streaming stick gets an upgrade with this version with the Roku Streaming Stick+. You’ll get a longer wireless range and 4K and HDR streaming.

Roku Ultra: $89

For those who are always streaming content, love trying new streaming apps, and want their home to feel like a theater, the Roku Ultra is the fully loaded device to choose.

If you’re using a Roku device, check out the Featured Free feature. The section pulls free episodes from many different channels and free content streaming services and puts them all in one convenient location. If you don’t already have the channel installed on your device, the Featured Free feature will download it for you and give you instant access to the episodes.

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