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April 23, 2018 0 Broadband

YouTube TV Updates DVR & Adds On-Demand Options

YouTube TV Updates DVR & Adds On-Demand Options

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DVR Update

YouTube TV added a slight visual update to their DVR. Now on select devices when you log in you will see a show title tile before each show. This gives you a screenshot from the episode and a little bit of detail about it.

On-Demand Content

Last week YouTube TV started to roll out a ton of additional on-demand content. People are noticing a larger catalog of content from CBS. If you have a local CBS affiliate then you probably have more on-demand content.

Something You Should Know

It is important to remember how YouTube TV’s DVR works. With YouTube TV you get 9 months of DVR recordings, but if a show is available on-demand your DVR recording will be replaced with an on-demand version.

The on-demand versions have commercials that you cannot skip. With the growth of on-demand content on YouTube TV this rule has started to get noticed more by YouTube TV subscribers. If the on-demand version leaves YouTube TV you will still have the original DVR version until the 9 months end.

This is one of the ways YouTube TV can keep prices low. So while you may not like it it does offer a cheaper option versus traditional pay TV.

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