DIRECTV NOW Channel Packages for Cord-Cutters

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January 7, 2018 0 Broadband


DIRECTV NOW Channel Packages

Finding the right streaming service can be intimidating for a new Cord-Cutter. WhyFly is here to help educate and solve your internet and streaming issues. This blog will provide you with an option for streaming your favorite TV shows at an affordable price. Pair “DIRECTV NOW” with your WhyFly Awesome Internet package, and you will STILL be saving money! Get all of your necessities for less than ever before!

With DirecTV Now, you can select which monthly subscription fits you and your streaming needs. See what channel options are available for each price point and sign up!

Select a price point:

$35/month for 60+ Channels

$50/month for 80+ Channels

$60/month for 100+ Channels

$70/month for 120+ Channels

Evey price point includes a certain amount of channels that you will be allowed to stream. Upon selecting your monthly package price point, the channels you get for that package will be highlighted.

Click here to get your package NOW:

Not sure if this is the right TV streaming package for you? With DirecTV NOW, you can sign up for 7 FREE days of streaming before you make your decision!

WhyFly Awesome Internet allows you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows and so much more! For $55/month and no contract…you can’t go wrong! At WhyFly we pride ourselves on helping our community gain a better understanding of how the streaming world works. It can be intimidating to make the change, but once you do, you will be so glad you did! Click here: to read more about how to make the switch to streaming your favorite Tv, movies, and local news channels.